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Cite in the caption of a graphic but not in \listoffigures?

I have a question regarding \cite and List Of Figures

For instance, I declared this

  \caption[Seamless Connection of Network \cite{vision4g}]{Seamless Connection of Network \cite{vision4g}}

However, the \cite in caption is causing the List of Figures also show this citing next to the title of Figure.

For instance in my List of Figure, I see something like

Seamless Connection of Network [1].....................20

As my documents List of Figure (LOF) is located before the table of content, they all show the reference number next to the Figure in LOF.

This caused when I tried to reference something to "some words \cite{otherciting}" on page 1 chapter 1, it will show as "some words [2]". While actually the first thing that come is some words, so I expect it to have "some words [1].

This get worse if for instance I have 20 Figures with each reference and all are shown in List of Figures, then the "some words" will refer to [21] although this is in page 1.

I used IEEEtran for bilbiography..

I can do a work around by putting the LOF after conclussion, but I just want to know if there is a work around for this.

Thank you for any response

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