I have this uyrl that I want tu put as link but it has % symbol and Latex recognize as comment.

\href{URL}{http://www.granma.cu/file/pdf/gaceta/Conceptualizaci\%C3\%B3n del modelo economico social Version Final.pdf
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    \href{http://www.granma.cu/file/pdf/gaceta/Conceptualizaci%C3%B3n del modelo economico social Version Final.pdf}{URL} works for me. The syntax is \href{<link URL>}{<text>} not the other way round. I also removed the backslashes before the % signs, because they are usually not needed. (Due to some more arcane rules in TeX, you may get into trouble if you use \href with special chars inside another macro: tex.stackexchange.com/q/13224/35864.) Note that a syntax highlighter may still think the %s are comments, but to TeX they are not. – moewe Feb 20 at 6:33

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