I am using the fancyhdr package. I have chapters, sections, subsections, and subsubsections to my book.

I currently show chapters and sections on alternating pages in the running headers.

But in every chapter there are a few subsections out of the dozen or so that I would like instead in the header on those pages.

The example below has two subsections with the one subsection "Subsection in Header" I would like in the header. I understand that for a one-off scenario like in the example below I could define a fancypagestyle. But the issue is that I would need to define 100 of these for the 100 of 300 subsections I would like in the header.




\renewcommand{\sectionmark}[1]{\markright{\thesection\ #1}}




\part{First Part}

\chapter{First Chapter}

\section{First Section}

\subsection*{First Subsection}

\subsection*{Subsection in Header} % this subsection should be in the header on odd pages (so page 11)


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