I have a poster presentation at a conference coming up. I know I can use other software to create a poster. However, I would like to use Latex since I have some mathematics involved. Is there a template that would work for me? My poster will go on a board of size 4' high and 8' across.

Any help would be appreciated?

  • Many people seem to use baposter. Feb 21, 2020 at 23:33
  • Will it be okay for 4 by 8 board? Or do I need to adjust the size?
    – Hello
    Feb 22, 2020 at 3:25

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You could use the baposter class.

You can adjust the fontscale option until you are happy with the font sizes.


(Don't you love the default colours?)




}{}{Poster Title}{Poster Author}

\headerbox{Highlighted box}{name=box1}{\lipsum[1-2]}

\headerbox{Highlighted box}{below=box1}{%
  \tiny tiny\par
  \scriptsize scriptsize\par
  \footnotesize footnotesize\par
  \small small\par
  \normalsize normalsize\par
  \large large\par
  \Large Large\par
  \Huge Huge\par

\headerbox{Highlighted box}{column=1}{\lipsum[3-4]}

\headerbox{Highlighted box}{column=2}{\lipsum[4-5]}

\headerbox{Highlighted box}{column=3}{\lipsum[6-7]}



MWE output

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