I wanted to get the following in my bibliography:

Moazzeni AR, Nabaei M, Shahbazi K, Shadravan A. Mechanical Earth modelling improves drilling efficiency and reduces non-productive time (NPT). SPE Deep Gas Conference and Exhibition, 24-26 January, 2010, Bahrain. Paper SPE 131718.

I created using apa style.

And in my bib file, the reference is:

   author = {Moazzeni, Ali Reza and Nabaei, Mohammad and Shahbazi, Khalil and Shadravan, Arash},
   title = {Mechanical Earth Modelling Improves Drilling Efficiency and Reduces Non-Productive time (NPT)},
   publisher = {Society of Petroleum Engineers},
   month = {2010/1/1/},
   ISBN = {978-1-55563-275-5},
   DOI = {10.2118/131718-MS},
   year = {2010},
   type = {Conference Paper}

My question is:

  • Using the bib file, how do can I get the desired output?
  • I have the conference name, but I just don't know what should I called it in the bib
  • The same thing for the paper code: "Paper SPE 131718", I just don't know what should I called it in the bib

Can anyone help me please? I am new to Latex

  • Please explain how one should go from month = {2010/1/1/} and year={2010} to 24-26 January, 2010. And, in the title field, why is only the word "Earth" capitalized while the remainder of the field is converted to lowercase? – Mico Feb 23 '20 at 14:18
  • You could start by changing the entry type from @misc, changing the type field from type = {Conference Paper} to type = {Paper SPE}, and adding the fields number = 131718 and address = {Bahrain}. Do note that the apa bib style does NOT (a) render the abbreviate given names the way you need them, (b) display the contents of the month field, and (c) place the year field where you say it has to go. It's not clear to me why you're using the apa bib style given that its formatting settings are not even close to what you need. – Mico Feb 23 '20 at 14:36
  • Incidentally, how is BibTeX supposed to generate the string "SPE Deep Gas Conference and Exhibition" if it's not contained in the bib file? – Mico Feb 23 '20 at 14:37
  • Please, you are free to modify the bib file as needed. I have no clue how to achieve what I want. I dont know how to modify the bib, in a way that what should I call the "SPE Deep Gas Conference and Exhibition", etc. The goal is to achieve what is written at the top ;) – BeeTiau Feb 23 '20 at 15:58
  • I don't know of any readily-available bibliography style that implements your formatting requirements exactly. I can only suggest that you familiarize yourself with the makebst utillity, which is part of the custom-bib package, in order to create a new bst file from scratch. Open a command window and type latex makebst to get started. You'll be led through a series of questions, each with multiple-choice answers, with one possible answer marked as the default. The end product is a custom bst file that meets of all of your bibliography-related formatting requirements. – Mico Feb 23 '20 at 16:37

What is wrong with the standard types for articles in conference proceedings (@InProceedings), articles in collections (@InCollection)? Sometimes not all the fields are exactly right, but they are close.

Nothing in what you state is really outside a @InProceedings... AUC-TeX for emacs suggests (OPT is optional fields):

  author =   {},
  title =    {},
  booktitle =    {},
  OPTcrossref =  {},
  OPTkey =   {},
  OPTpages =     {},
  OPTyear =      {},
  OPTeditor =    {},
  OPTvolume =    {},
  OPTnumber =    {},
  OPTseries =    {},
  OPTaddress =   {},
  OPTmonth =     {},
  OPTorganization = {},
  OPTpublisher = {},
  OPTnote =      {},
  OPTannote =    {}

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