I'm writing a document with a bibliography using Bibdesk. Some of my booktitles include other titles which implies to adapt the style to prevent any confusion but I don't know how to do that.

For instance, I get: An introduction to Plato's Philebus but I want: An introduction to Plato's Philebus.

The entry in bibdesk is : Plato's \textit{{Philebus}}. I tried : An Introduction to Plato's \textrm{{Philebus}} but it doesn't work either.

I do not have this problem with articles. The command \textit{{...}} works fine.

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Silly question from me. I used \emph{} and it works perfecly fine.

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    \emph{} is a logical formatting macro (i.e. emphase it in its surrounding text), while \textit etc. is a physical one (i.e. use this specific font no matter what). While both will give you the same optical result in a normal text, \emph is programmed in a context-sensitive way, i.e. it nests! A sentence with \emph{some highlighted text with \emph{something important} in it}, ... will give you the encapsulated \emph as roman font again. This behaviour is configurable for different output drivers. See emph or textit. Commented Feb 26, 2020 at 8:59

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