I am trying to get internal hyperrefs from citation to the bibliography page. I am using BiBTeX, the harvard package, the hyperref package with optional [hidelinks]. The latter works fine to me on the TOC and sections refs.

I read in hyperref package help that it is designed to work with the harvard package. Yet, there is no further explanation on how to make it work. Here is a MWE:

This is a test \cite{test}

with test.bib being :

title = "Testing and tests",
author = "Test {Tester}",
journal = "Journal of tests",
volume = "1",
pages = "1",
year = "2012",

I am using an up to date Texmaker editor, running on an up to date TeX Live 2011 distribution, on MS Win7.

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The hyperref package is known for not being entirely compatible with many citation manager packages, with the main exception of natbib. (I.e., hyperref is fully compatible with natbib.) While it's true that the user guide to the hyperref package notes that the harvard package is "supported", the next sentence in the same paragraph of the user guide states that "the recommended package is Patrick Daly's natbib package".

Fortunately, you need not change your harvard-style citation commands to equivalent natbib-style commands in order to get full interoperability with the hyperref package: there is a nifty little package called har2nat that performs these translations for you. Thus, if you replace the instructions


in your MWE with

\usepackage{har2nat}   % loads "natbib" automatically
\setcitestyle{aysep={,}} % needed to fully emulate harvard's "dcu" citation style
\citationstyle{dcu}  % provided by the "harvard" package

the hyperlinks from the citation call-outs to the corresponding entries in the bibliography are formed correctly. Observe that you should not load the harvard package with this setup.



I have used a mybibliography.bib item in my files and coded the following command.


\title{Technical Report}
\author{Share \LaTeX}
\date{ }


     colorlinks   = true,
     citecolor    = blue

% This is used for Quotation Marks only single and double




\section{First section}

Let's cite! The Einstein's journal paper \cite{HARI2008505}


This has worked for me when citing \cite{HARI2008505} where HARI2008505 is an item in my mybibliography.bib item

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