I'm using the package mathptmx for my thesis (I preferred its fonts over newtxtext, newtxmath), but I'm having some troubles with bold math symbols.

In particular, I'm trying to get a bold X letter (in Euler Script Font) and a bold \Sigma as in figure (the ones circled in green), but I can't find a way to get both at the same time: if I use \boldsymbol I get the X and not the \Sigma, if I use \bm from the bm package I get the \Sigma and not the X!

Any help? I tried a few other options suggested in other posts, but with no luck... If the only option is to use newtxmath, is there at least a way to get the X non-slanted? Thanks!



$ \boldsymbol{\mathscr{X}} $ 
$ \boldsymbol{\Sigma} $

%$ \bm{\mathscr{X}} $ 
%$ \bm{\Sigma} $


enter image description here


newtxmath has an option uprightscript which changes the \mathscr, but the definition is a bit curious and \mathscr errors inside \bm. But you could simply switch the order of the package loading then eucal will work:



$ \mathscr{X} \bm{\mathscr{X}}$
$ \bm{\Sigma} $


enter image description here

  • Thanks! I also noticed that including the package mathpazo, then \boldsymbol{\Sigma} works also with mathptmx fonts. Feb 29 '20 at 17:25

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