What is the best way to use tabularx X column type in longtable? I read here that ltablex is "ancient" and the same post also mentions tabu but its page mentions that the package might not be properly maintained. So I wonder, which is a preferred way? (also i would like to avoid manually working with multi-columns)

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    personally I'd avoid X in most cases (despite having written that code:-) but maybe try the xltabular package – David Carlisle Mar 4 '20 at 22:17
  • also ltablex code is old (from last century sometime) but it is newer than longtable and tabularx, so age isn't necessarily a bad thing. – David Carlisle Mar 4 '20 at 22:23
  • @DavidCarlisle Maybe I should be more specific since there might be a better way. I am looking for a simple way to auto-wrap cells that are too long so that I can avoid using p{xcm} since the table is being used in different documents with different margins and wrong size will make the cells unnecessarily short (or too long). – leosenko Mar 4 '20 at 22:23
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    it depends but usually something like {llp{.4\textwidth} avoids the overhead of tabularx and still adapts to the document page size – David Carlisle Mar 4 '20 at 22:28

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