I am facing an issue using figures in standalone files. My problem is related to the one described here. As I use many similar styled figures I want to put the header into a separate file so I can reuse it. I would like to have a solution for which I either build the figure separately (in a standalone file) or compile it while compiling the main document. I am using the following file structure and files for my MWE:

|- main.tex
|- figureFolder
   |- figure.tex
|- headerFolder
   |- header.tex



    Some text



\input{../headerFolder/header.tex} % for standalone compilation


    \draw [blue] (0,0)--(1,1);




I was thinking abdout adding something like

if mainFileCompilation

to the preamble of the standalone file but I could not figure out how.

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    A symbolic link named header.tex next to figure.tex could do the trick. Otherwise, you could pass a command line argument to the compilation command, or discriminate based on \jobname. – frougon Mar 5 at 12:29

I found a simple solution by adding

    \input{../headerFolder/header.tex}}{%  % for standalone compilation

to the preamble of figure.tex.

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