I am looking for this symbol appearing in the original print of Gauss' doctoral dissertation:


Any suggestions - either for where to find it, or how to "create" it through other ways? I have already looked at "The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List".

Note: this symbol is not a sort of relation between 1 and n, but denote a path from 1 to n, in the collected papers of Gauss it's written simply this way: 1...n

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    Look for "The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List" on CTAN, the list at OEIS, try at Detexify – vonbrand Mar 7 at 12:53
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    already done... – user6530 Mar 7 at 12:57

Does this suit you? The comma in Palatino seems to have the desired shape. Some reflection and rotation allow to get the result.




$i\gaussfour n$


enter image description here

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    It's perfect! Thanks – user6530 Mar 7 at 14:49
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    @user6530 You're welcome! Now that I saw your final note, I changed a bit for getting a better spacing. – egreg Mar 7 at 14:53
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    That's really nice! +1! – Rmano Mar 7 at 15:25
  • @Rmano I'm agree with you...wonderful!!! – Sebastiano Mar 7 at 20:25

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