I want to change the thickness of the contour's line of PointSymbol=o in the following line:

\pstGeonode[PointSymbol={o},PosAngle=45,PointName=none, , linecolor=red,,linecolor=yellow,dotsize=0.32,](0,0){F}.

How can I do this? Thank You!

  • Welcome to TeX.SE! Could you expand your code snippet into a small document that can be compiled? That makes it much easier to reproduce the issue and to try possible solutions.
    – Marijn
    Mar 9 '20 at 12:19

With dotLW you can scale the current linewidth:


\define@key[psset]{pstricks}{dotLW}[1]{\def\psk@dotLW{#1 }}
  CLW \psk@dotLW mul SLW
  /r2 DS CLW sub def
  \pst@gdot{0 0 DS \tx@SD \pst@usecolor\psfillcolor   0 0 r2 \tx@SD }}
\pstGeonode[PointSymbol=o,dotscale=3,PosAngle=45,PointName=none, dotsize=5mm](-1,-1){H}
\pstGeonode[PointSymbol=o,dotscale=3,PosAngle=45,PointName=none, dotsize=5mm,dotLW=2](-1,1){H1}


enter image description here


Thank You very much!!!!

I have another questions: what is the thickness of the contour's line when I put dotLW=1? And, without "dotLW", what is the thickness of the contour's line by default for PointSymbol=o?

Thank You!

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