I'm using the Baskervaldaf as the default font family in my document. I would prefer to use the italics of this font family as the default math mode text for equations and inline maths, i.e. the font accessed by using \textit{x y z a b c} for example.

Does anyone know how I can set the math mode font to be the default italics mode of the Baskervaldaf font package?

Specifically I want the result where using, $ a b c x y z$, or \begin{equation} gives the font style

enter image description here


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Is that an adequate answer to your question? I hope to have understood your request. Here's a little code with the image. See also my previous request mtpro2 + baskerville in math.

enter image description here

\[ f(x)=e^{\sin x} \]
{\itshape my text}
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