I'm writing technical docs for a RISC-V processor. This requires writing down a lot of small tables like this one (which are the computer's register with every field acronym specified): enter image description here

I may do this using table, but I see that in my reference manual reference manual they used a figure instead. Any advice/example to fast draw a bunch of these?

Many thanks in advance for any hint


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A homebrew solution. The length of \bitwidth can be changed to alter the scale of horizontal buffer space around each entry.


enter image description here

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    Thanks, I was also able to use your code inside a figure. Very nice!
    – a_bet
    Mar 13, 2020 at 13:23

After a few days of working with it I can definitely suggest to use the Register Package from Matthew Lovell. It is a complete solution offering good support for documenting registers in a compact yet readable way.

Here's an example I made in Overleaf: enter image description here

This very simple, but much more fancy stuff (reset values, colors...) can be added.

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