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Can I create a pdf for doublepage print where the left pages does not interact with the pagecount and having most of them blanks while content on others?

Long version

I have a printer that can print on both sides of the paper (hurray....?)

While I don't like printing text on both sides I do like the idea of having an image on the leftside with a new chapter starting on the right side.

However, this would force me to print out on double pages. by doing so I would have to place a blank page between each page - except where I want an images (or other content) to be printed.

I have been thinking of generating another pdf with content for only the left sides - blank pages and a few with content. After generating rightside.pdf and leftside.pdf I would be able to shuffel them with


Besides having to indentify all pages where the chapters begin - it just feels stupid.

Is there a package that deals with strange people like me who want partly singlepage print? I imagine one that interact with \cleardoublepage or something linke that.


Here is a solution that leaves all verso pages empty unless the current page contains the command \chapteropening{<material>} in which case <material> will appear on the previous verso page. Thus use this command immediately after the \chapter command.



     \AtBeginShipoutOriginalShipout\vbox to\textheight{% 


    \setbox\chapteropeningbox\vbox{\hsize\textwidth #1}%



1 some text \newpage
2 some text \newpage
3 some text \newpage

\chapteropening{ \centering \Huge FOO }

4 some text 


5 some text \newpage
6 some text 

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