I had installed texlive in a vmware virtual machine on Windows 10 (the virtual machine OS is Windows 10) I thought of using it on a real physical machine. On that real physical machine I copied the folder from vmware virtual machine texlive from C:\texlive to real physical machine I have copied all the 6 Gb content to real physical machine in

C:\installation\texlive directory. I want to know what should I do to make it work? I already have miktex installation on this physical machine. The folder moved/copied is texlive 2019.

  • Your TeXLive would more or less work as-is if you just add c:\texlive\2019\bin\win32 to the searchpath, although you would miss out on other system integration such as file associations.
  • Or, if you run c:\texlive\bin\win32\tlaunch, it will turn your copy into a launcher-based installation, see https://www.ctan.org/pkg/tlaunch. Afterwards, you can convert between 'classic' and launcher mode with the tlaunchmode script.
  • Or, if you click on c:\texlive\2019\tl-tray-menu, then you get a tray menu from which you can perform various TeXLive-related tasks. This is maybe the best solution, since it will not interfere with your MiKTeX.

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