How can I create a curve by providing the coordinates of points 1-4.

enter image description here


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Does this work for you?


\draw [gray]  (0,0) -- (1,1) -- (2,0.75) -- (3,2);
\draw [red] plot [smooth, tension=0.6] coordinates { (0,0) (1,1) (2,0.75) (3,2)};

The tension parameter lets you specify how much curvature you want in your smoothed spline. The output of the above code should provide you with something like this: enter image description here


Your curve seems to be defined by the slopes at some critical points. The hobby library is a great tool to draw such curves, see e.g. here for a survey of options. You can then specify the in angle, out angle and slope via tangent.

    in angle={(180+#1)},Hobby finish,
    designated Hobby path=next,out angle=#1},
    pics/vert/.style={code={\draw (0,-0.1) -- (0,0.1) node[above]{#1};}}]
\draw [thick,use Hobby shortcut] 
   ([out angle=45]0,0) pic{vert=1}  .. ([tangent=0]1.5,1) pic{vert=2}
    ..  ([tangent=0]3,-0.25) pic{vert=3} .. ([in angle=225]4.5,1) pic{vert=4};

enter image description here

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