There is a way to externalize pictures with Latex. I've created a folder qwe in the directory where my main document.tex sits and typed:

    (3,-1) coordinate (a) node[right] {a}
    -- (0,0) coordinate (b) node[left] {b}
    -- (2,2) coordinate (c) node[above right] {c}
    pic["$\alpha$", draw=red, <->, angle eccentricity=1.2, angle radius=1cm]

enter image description here

Works like a charm! Although, I create Asymptote pictures.

Is there any analog to externalize TikZ library but for Asymptote? And how to use it?

(I have ~300 pictures in Asymptote and want to save time waiting until they all are being compiled. I bumped into externalzie option when I have the same problem with TikZ)

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    You could try using the asypictureB package, which attempts to recompile only images that have changes. – Charles Staats Mar 17 at 15:40

What I did (do when using asymptote) is to process the figures separately to PDF, and use \pgfimage{} (from the pgf package) to include it in the document. That way, complex images (like some 3D ones, that take quite a while to process) are only recompiled when they change (very rarely). That way, I can look at/tweak the images separately.

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