The tocloft docs suggest that the command \cftaftertoctitle provides a means to insert stuff between the toc title and the actual toc contents. However, it doesn't seem to do anything. Specifically, in that section, the manual claims that:


      \[\baselineskip]\mbox{}\hfill{\normalfont Page}}

will put the word ‘Page’ flushright on the line following the title.

This is actually precisely the behavior I wish to enable. However, those lines do not seem to do anything at all:

\usepackage[titles]{tocloft} % Alter the style of the Table of Contents

    \\[\baselineskip]\mbox{}\hfill{\normalfont Page}}



\chapter{Local Gaussian Process Features for Clinical Sensor Time Series} \label{chapter:localgpr}
\chapter{Decision Surfaces of Localized Classifiers} \label{chapter:localsvm}
\chapter{Local Word2Vec Models over Time} \label{chapter:localw2v}
\chapter{Local Orthogonal Quadric Regression} \label{chapter:localodq}
\section{Gaussian Process Weighting} \label{appendix:gprweights}


enter image description here

How can I put stuff into the space between the title and the toc with tocloft?


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Loading the tocloft package with the option titles deactivates all commands related to modifying the appearance of the titles of the ToC, the LoF, and the LoT. See section 2.1, "Package Options", on p. 7 of the package's user guide (emphasis added):

enter image description here

Now, section 2.2, "Changing the Titles", is precisely what you refer to in your posting and infer that "it [the package's commands] doesn't seem to do anything".

What to do? Load the tocloft package without the option titles.


I do not know what you are after. Please show the output you are after. The \cftaftertoctitle can be used to change the look of the Table of Contents title. Is that what you want?

If you want to put something between the individual titles and their page numbers then look at something like \cftchapleader{Some text} but changed to be suited to your needs.

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