I have found a template on internet which looks attractive to me. Then, I soon found some .cls and .sty files have to be installed in MikTex. I know the directory of MikTex is User/xxx/Appdata/Programs/MikTex 2.9, but there are lots of files in there like tex, source, doc, etc. Where should I put my .cls file from the internet in?

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    create a new folder localtexmf (outside miktex folders) and put your files in localtexmf/tex/latex/, then go to the miktex console and add localtexmf as a new root. – Ulrike Fischer Mar 21 at 16:37
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    And after than not forget to refresh file name data base. – Zarko Mar 21 at 16:40
  • Yes I worked it out. Thanks a lot – Simon219 Mar 21 at 20:51

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