I'm new to latex but I'm trying to learn and am piecing together various pieces of code from different postings, so I apologize if this code is "messy".

In a table, I would like to have the widths of the columns custom-defined, and I would also like to make specific rows bold. I had found out from another posting how to make specific rows bold, but now when I add code to make my column custom-width and right-justified, the bold-faced row part doesn't work anymore. Here is an example, where you see both situations:


%for adding the ability to make entire rows bold:

%define right justified column with custom width


\begin{tabular}{$p{2.1cm} ^p{1.6cm} R{1.5cm} R{2cm}}
header1 & header2 & header3 & header4\\
a & b & c & d\\
e & f & g & h\\

enter image description here

As you can see, when I use the raggedleft column type (to make it right-justified), the bold-face doesn't work.

Any ideas as to how I can get these two to work together?


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You need to include the \currentrowstyle in the R column type:


Making this change yields the complete row in bold:

enter image description here


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