I would like to add a glossary page to an existing document class for my thesis. I have not edited .cls files before but I have made an attempt at understanding how other pages (e.g. lists of figures) have been created and tried to copy the workflow.

The template I am working from is available here

The original .cls had the following to create a list of figures:

  \clearemptydoublepage  %%% <<< Removing causes page number problems
  \providecommand\phantomsection{} \phantomsection
  %\addcontentsline{toc}{part}{List of Figures}

Which is then used in the .tex as:

% Make the list of figures

and so I adapted this to add a glossary using the glossaries-extra package:

  \providecommand\phantomsection{} \phantomsection

With the following in the .tex:


So far this gets me a blank page upon which I would like to call my glossary using \printglossary[title=List of Abbreviations, type=\acronymtype]

I cannot figure out where \printglossary should go in order to achieve my goal, or where other optional arguments like \glssetcategoryattribute{acronym}{glossdesc}{firstuc} should be placed.

Any guidance or resources would be much appreciated! I hope that my question is clear and that I have not left anything out that should have been included. I am a newcomer to Latex so it isn't clear to me what is and isn't obvious.

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