This block of code gives me an error when compiled.

 MSE\left(\mu_r\right)={} &\bar{Y}^2\left[\ {f_1}\left\lbrace C_Y^2+\frac{C_X}{\theta}_X{a_h^2}(1)+2\rho_{XY}C_XC_Ya_h(1)\right\rbrace\\

Please help me to figure out the problem.

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The main issue is that TeX and LaTeX do not allow \left[/\right] pairs to span a line break. Use \biggl[ and \biggr] instead. And, to assure that the curly braces have the same size as the square brackets, use \biggl\lbrace and \biggr\rbrace in both rows.

I would further like to suggest that you employ a multline environment instead of an equation/aligned pair. This will assure that the material in the second row will fit within the textblock.

enter image description here

\usepackage{amsmath} % for 'multline' environment
=\bar{Y}^2\biggl[ f_1 \biggl\lbrace 
 C_Y^2+ \frac{C_X}{\theta}_X a_h^2(1)
 +2\rho_{XY} C_X C_Y a_h(1)
 \biggr\rbrace \\[1ex]
+\theta \biggl\lbrace
 +\frac{C_{X(2)}^2}{\theta}_{X(2)} a_h^{*2}(1)
 \biggr\rbrace \biggr]
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