I'm trying to assemble a list of programs and online services which use (a subset of) TeX's mathematical syntax without being or requiring a classic TeX installation. What I already have on my list:

  • There are online services like Overleaf (merged with ShareLaTeX), Papeeria, and Authorea which offer collaborative editing of documents in the browser and either work like a full offline LaTeX distribution or support some mixture of Markdown and TeX syntax. Did I miss any?
  • There's a LaTeX extension for Google Docs.
  • I can't check because I don't have Microsoft Word, but apparently it understands TeX syntax.
  • We have at least two JavaScript libraries which deploy TeX syntax to display math in the browser, MathJax and KaTeX.
  • MathJax is in turn used by several Stack Exchange sites.
  • The learning management system Moodle can be configured to support TeX-style formulas.
  • Jupyter notebooks can display math using MathJax.
  • The computer algebra system Mathematica "understands" TeX syntax to a certain extent.
  • The Möbius courseware system (formerly Maple TA) seems to understand TeX syntax.

Are there any mistakes in this list? What else is out there? I'd rather not count software like IguanaTex for Microsoft PowerPoint as you need to have a TeX distribution installed to use it.

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    matplotlib can render TeX formulas. The PDF viewer Okular supports $$ ... $$ syntax in annotations and can call LaTeX to render them. I believe Inkscape has some way (plugin?) to have formulas using LaTeX syntax. – frougon Mar 27 '20 at 9:04
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    Maybe geogebra also ? An certainly Matlab / Octave – BambOo Mar 27 '20 at 9:06
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    There are some terminology issues with your list - Overleaf does not 'emulate' full LaTeX, it is full LaTeX, it just runs on a server so you don't have to install a distribution on your own machine (a similar idea is VerbTeX for Android). And MathJax is used by many, many websites/browser-based tools (over 90.000 according to trends.builtwith.com/websitelist/MathJax). But many features of LaTeX are not supported by MathJax, so to say that MathJax uses LaTeX math syntax is not entirely accurate. – Marijn Mar 27 '20 at 9:14
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    The table on the Formula editor Wikipedia page has a “TeX support” column. – Henri Menke Mar 27 '20 at 9:50
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    Google Docs has an equation editor which understands a lot of LaTeX commands (comparable to MS Word's, I think). I'm curious as to the LaTeX extension that you link to - does it send the code off to a server and get it rendered as an image? – Andrew Stacey Apr 1 '20 at 10:12

On macOS, iOS and ipadOS, Pages (and also iBook Author on macOS) can insert an "Equation", with very basic and poor refinement.


And also on iCloud :


With about 1,5 billion active devices under iOS and ipadOS, and perhaps 250 millions under macOS, that's a lot.

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