I am writing my thesis and at the beginning of each chapter I would like to make a general overview and come up with a page as shown in the attached image. Does anyone know what is the right command to use? enter image description here

Thank you all for your help :)

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    Welcome to TeX SX! What are the specifications, in addition to being typeset in italic? – Bernard Mar 27 at 10:50
  • You can try the quote or quotation environment. – Johannes_B Mar 27 at 11:02
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    What kind of specifications (sorry, I am just at the beginning of the process of writing)? The idea is to create a different page at the beginning of each chapter with just the title and a brief introduction. Then, officially start the beginning of the chapter in the next page (with the first subsection). – letoppina Mar 27 at 11:03
  • Ok, I have solved it by using the quoting environment by using the package \usepackage[font=itshape]{quoting} – letoppina Mar 27 at 11:13

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