Is it possible to make a drop down menu so that following a link, say provided by \href, results in a set of choices overlaying the current page?


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There is a popupmenu package. Here's a portion of the README file:

popupmenu is a LaTeX package used to create a menu structure. This menu structure (an array of menu items) is passed to the Acrobat JavaScript method app.popUpMenuEx() method to create a popup menu. Using the environments defined in this package, and the command \popUpMenu, you can create and display hierarchical menus. The menu items can have JavaScript actions associated with them, they can be marked and dis-enabled.

Some examples can be found in CTAN here and should also be part of a MiKTeX distribution (the package is not part of TeX Live).

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    What? I seriously did not expect to see an actual solution to this Apr 27, 2012 at 7:43

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