I'm writing my CV using LuaLaTeX. Everything works, the code compiles fine. Yet I get two warnings, related to my problem:

LaTeX Font Warning: Some font shapes were not available, defaults substituted.
LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `TU/RobotoLight(0)/m/it' undefined

Naturally my resulting problem is, whenever I use


the text is printed as normal font. I did install Roboto Light Italic though. Does anyone can tell me where the path 'TU/RobotoLight(0)/m/it' is leading to?

Thank you very much.

\usepackage{fontspec}       % for fonts
\newfontfamily{\cvnamefont}{Roboto Medium}
\newfontfamily{\cvsectionfont}{Roboto Medium}
\newfontfamily{\cvtitlefont}{Roboto Regular}
\newfontfamily{\cvdurationfont}{Roboto Light Italic}
\newfontfamily{\cvheadingfont}{Roboto Regular}
\setmainfont{Roboto Light}

\textit{Hello, World!}

fontspec seems not to be able to find the italic on its own. But you can help:

\usepackage{fontspec}       % for fonts
\setmainfont{Roboto Light}[ItalicFont=Roboto-LightItalic]

Hallo \textit{Hello, World!}
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