In an Overleaf project I want to synchronize a file existing in my Nextcloud/Owncloud account. This is a bibliography file (.bib) generated by Zotero/Better BibTex.

Relevant instructions are given for other popular services but they do not apply to my case with Nextcloud and the link provided by Nextcloud for this text file (.bib) generates a short html code in Overleaf.

Here the link: https://nextcloud.univ-lille.fr/index.php/s/oKLBX6C5WGrf47m


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Based on the example given here I have simply added /download at the end of the link provided by Nextcloud, after the id of the file, and it works.

  • From https://nextcloud.univ-lille.fr/index.php/s/oKLBX6C5WGrf47m

  • To -> https://nextcloud.univ-lille.fr/index.php/s/oKLBX6C5WGrf47m/download

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