A particular problem connected to the position of footnotes. In a book I work on there are several passages that include two columns (quote and translation). Sometimes these two-column-passages contain several footnotes. Therefore I had to use the \footnotemark option (instead of the plain \footnote option) and write the \footnotetext at the end. Now, if the two column environment includes a pagebreak, all the footnotes appear on the second page, even if the footnotemarks belong to the first page, and they have all the same number (see example). I did some research to solve this special problem but was unsuccessful. It seems that the fact that it is a two-column-environment causes the problems. So there are two questions: 1) how can I force LaTeX to position the footnotes of that environment on the page they belong to? 2) how can I force LaTeX to count the footnote numbers correctly? Thank you for any advice.

\newcommand{\quotetwocolumns}[2]{\begin{adjustwidth}{7mm}{7mm}\setlength{\columnsep}{-5mm}\begin{paracol}{2}\sloppy {\small#1\par}\switchcolumn \sloppy {\small#2\par}\end{paracol}\end{adjustwidth}\vspace{3mm}}
\setlength{\skip\footins}{10pt plus 3pt minus 2pt}

\lipsum[1] \footnotemark 
\lipsum[2] \footnotemark 
\lipsum[3] \footnotemark}
\footnotetext{Footnote 1}
\footnotetext{Footnote 2} 
\footnotetext{Footnote 3}

  • I think the problem is footmisc here, because it modifies parts of the Latex kernel. If you reject using footmisc your example compiles successfully and you can also reject using the \footnotemark directive, which is a rather tedious way to implement footnotes. – user1146332 Mar 31 '20 at 17:36

This is meant to be a comment but SE seems to be mixed up; there was no tag for a comment and usually the stuff after the end of the question gets overwritten --- GOM.

Have you tried the reledmac package?

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