I want to embed files in a pdf. I do need a /AFRelationship entry in the PDF because this is mandated by PDF/A. The minimal example below works for pdfTeX. It also works with LuaTeX when hyperref is disabled. However it does not work with hyperref and LuaTeX.




MWE output


<</Type/Filespec/F(testbrief.tex)/AFRelationship\376\377\000/\000S\000o\000u\000r\000c\000e/EF<</F 1 0 R>>>>

This throws a validation error in Acrobat DC's Preflight for PDF/A3-b: enter image description here
With hyperref disabled I get

<</Type/Filespec/F(testbrief.tex)/AFRelationship/Source/EF<</F 1 0 R>>>>

which passes validation.


Since I need luatex for font handling and hyperref for links and metadata this is a problem. How to get around this?



A corrected version of embedfile has been uploaded to ctan. The patch is no longer needed. The entry looks now, without the patch, like this

<</Type/Filespec/F(a.tex)/AFRelationship/Source/EF<</F 1 0 R>>>>

Old Answer.

It is a bug. Embedfile shouldn't try to convert this value.

Try this patch



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