Is there a command to insert a \hline? (Of course, ERT is always possible.)

I only see >Insert>Formatting>Horizontal_line... leading to

enter image description here

The output defaults to \rule[0.5ex]{1\columnwidth}{1pt}.

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    \hline is typically only used in tables. – leandriis Apr 2 at 16:09
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    Make a table with the "Insert table" button or the menu. Or in a already made table, use "set top line" or "set bottom line" button in the table bar. Both buttons add \hline (except if you select a formal style in borders settings) – Fran Apr 5 at 1:15
  • @Fran: Right, this would be the correct answer! I already do this. But my problem goes a little further, because I want a \hline\hline at the very top. Thus one \hline currently needs to go into an ERT. – Friedrich Apr 5 at 4:35
  • Do not do that. Instead, check the "formal style" of borders, then remove all the lines, and finally make only the rules for the top, bottom and after the header. That will change the \hlines by \toprule, \bottomrule and \midrule. Of course, do not use vertical lines. Why these commands? well, run texdoc booktabs and see the page 2. – Fran Apr 5 at 6:42

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