I have a very long table (with 200 rows) and it doesn´t fit just on one page. I had tried to use "longtable" but I got an error message and I can´t create the pdf file. Could you please let me know how to use longtable with tabular and scalebox?

Many thanks in advance!

This is what I've tried:

\textbf{County}  & \textbf{N of obs} & \textbf{\%}     \\ 
Lake1    &  Observations  &  Percentage    \\
Lake2    &  Observations  &  Percentage    \\
Lake200  &  Observations  &  Percentage    \\
  • Don't use scalebox to make a table fit onto a page. This will lead to inconsistent font sized throughout your document.
    – leandriis
    Apr 5, 2020 at 18:47
  • longtable is a tabular-like environment, so youl shouldn't nest a tabular inside. Actually, your table preamble should be \begin{longtable}{lcc}, and you should never use a ` center` environment inside a table, as it adds spurious vertical spacing. Furthermore, a longtable is centred by default.
    – Bernard
    Apr 5, 2020 at 18:48
  • longtable definitely is a better approach than scalebox. However, you used it incorrectly. \begin{longtable}{lcc}\caption{caption text}\label{key}\\ \hline County & N of Obs....should work.
    – leandriis
    Apr 5, 2020 at 18:48
  • \begin{longtable}[H]\caption{\large{Title}} \begin{center} \scalebox{1.3}{ you can not have [H] or \begin{center} or \scalebox around a longtable, if there is a tutorial suggesting this sort of markup please let us know so we can get it fixed. Apr 5, 2020 at 20:54

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Here is an example of a xcorrect code. I replaced the \hlines with the rules of booktabs, which have some vertical padding and make tables look less tight, and the caption package to have control on the caption layout.




\captionsetup{font={large}, labelfont=bf, skip=4pt}
\caption{Title} \\
\textbf{County} & \textbf{N\textsuperscript{o} of obs} & \textbf{\%} \\
 \caption{Title (continued)}\\
\textbf{County} & \textbf{N\textsuperscript{o} of obs} & \textbf{\%} \\
\multicolumn{3}{r@{}}{\itshape To be continued}
Lake1 & Observations & Percentage \\
Lake2 & Observations & Percentage \\
Lake Pipple-popple & Observations & Percentage \\
$\vdots$ & $\vdots$ & $\vdots$ \\
Lake197 & Observations & Percentage \\
Lake198 & Observations & Percentage \\
Lake199& Observations & Percentage \\
Lake200 & Observations & Percentage \\


enter image description here enter image description here


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