I am using texstudio TeXstudio 2.12.22 (git 2.12.22) Using Qt Version 5.12.1, compiled with Qt 5.12.1 R and using glossaries library. When I use \gls autocomplete works and offers the glossary entries inside brackets. However when I use \glsentrytext it is neither completed nor entries are suggested. Although autocomplete does not work, the \glsentrytext command works well.

See the texstudio configuration below

[screenshot of the configuration[1]

What could be the reason? How can I fix it?

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The \gls command is defined in glossaries.cwl in line 371 as


where the #r classification enables the completion behavior you are looking for, while \glsentrytext is defined in line 156 as


without that classification and with #S even explicitly disabling auto-completion.

If you want the same behavior for both commands, you have to create your own cwl where you overwrite that definition by writing the line


After restarting TeXstudio, the completion should work the way you want it to:

enter image description here

See also my answer here.

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