I am trying to replicate a header and a footerfrom words to latex, the heading looks like what I have attached to this question. Is it possible with fancy heading? Can someone please help me? I really appreciate it.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Update 1: So far was able to generate the heading with the following code, assuming that the image logo in the header sample above is called "sample_image". The issue is that the horizontal line is now on top of the image which is not what I intended to have. Still not able to make the footer.

  \begin{tabular}{ @{} p{\textwidth} @{} }
    \hfill{{Name of the docuemnt} \\
    \hfill \nouppercase{\rightmark}

  \begin{tabular}{ @{} p{0.0\textwidth} @{} }
    \hfill\includegraphics[width=.35\textwidth, keepaspectratio]{sample_image} \\

Update 2:

The issue with the horizontal line was solved by changing the first and second line to :

  \begin{tabular}{ @{} p{0.95\textwidth} @{} }
  • Everything is possible. What do you have so far? Generally we often do not reply to questions like this as it is more of a please do this for me type of question which is not suited for a Q&A site. – daleif Apr 6 at 10:28

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