I constructed a figure with TikZ in a tufte-book document class, and I need to use the ulem package as follows


description={Is a mark up language specially suited 
for scientific documents}


I'm having problems using the package ulem, which has two consequences:

  1. the first is that the glossary entries are no longer edited, only the descriptions are edited!

  2. the second is that the formatting of the bibliographic references in the page notes has been modified (underlining of the titles of the references).

How to correct these faults? I specify that I write using Overleaf (I do not think I have access to the codes of the tufte-book class ...).

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    Either don't load ulem at all (i.e. make \usepackage{ulem,tikz} read \usepackage{tikz}) if you don't need it or load it with the normalem option (i.e. split \usepackage{ulem,tikz} into \usepackage[normalem]{ulem}\usepackage{tikz}). If ulem is loaded without the normalem option it will redefine \em and \emph to produce underlined text instead of the standard italics. (Nothing in the code you have shown suggests that you need to use ulem, but of course there may well be some passages of your document that need it.)
    – moewe
    Apr 7, 2020 at 19:26
  • BTW: There is a typo in the MWE \begin{document] should be \begin{document}
    – moewe
    Apr 7, 2020 at 19:28

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The comment of moewe give the good results. Thanks

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