I am using fncychap with the following configuration in a document:


When I create a new chapter without a title, e.g. Dedication, a half-empty gray box is drawn on the page.


\dedication {
        \raggedleft {\em to ...}

enter image description here

I have looked at different parameters provided in the documentation but none of them seems to be related to removing this box on chapter*{}.

I was wondering if I can modify the definition of dedication or modify some configurations of fncychap to remove this box on certain chapters.

P.S. I prefer the text to be written where it is normally written and not moved up to where the gray box is.

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Copy the following lines before the chapters where you want to header gone:

% Remove the gray box for chapter* with empty titles
    \vskip 40\p@%

And copy the following lines after the chapter is finished.

% Bring the gray box back for chapter* with titles
    \vskip 40\p@%

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