Is it possible to add titles after \subparagraph? Latex has 7 levels of titles (from \part to \subparagraph), but I need 9 of them.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance!


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LaTeX provides a generic command \@startsection for defining sectional divisions.


where name is the name of the division, level is where it is in the hierarchy, indent is the space before the heading, the skips are the spaces before and after the title (if \afterskip is negative then the title will be run-in), and style is how it should be typeset. The level of a subparagraph is 5.

For two levels below \subparagraph, call them, say, \clause and \subclause they will be 6 and 7. You need new counters for the numbering.

\newcounter{clause}[subparagraph]  % (6)
\newcounter{subclause}[clause]     % (7)

Now here is a possible definition for the \clause division:

  {clause}{6}{<some length>} % name, level, indent
  {<some length>} % beforeskip
  {<some length>} % afterskip
  {\normalfont\normalsize\scshape} % style, small caps

It is up to you how you want your new sectional divisions to look. Good luck.

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