Since \sout does not work in math mode, what can I use instead? I don't want the diagonal strikeout like with cancelf


The package cancel was made exactly for this purpose.

The manual says that there are four different commands:

  1. \cancel
  2. \bcancel
  3. \xcancel
  4. \cancelto{<value>}{<expression>}

The first three work in math and text mode, but \cancelto is only for math mode.

And this is what they do

enter image description here





\(\cancel{f(x)} = \bcancel{4} + \xcancel{5} - \cancelto{45}{60}\)

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This answer is heavily based on egreg's comment and he deserves all the credit.


    \dimen@=\dimexpr\ht\tw@-\ht\z@+2\p@\relax % The +2 represents the vertical shift of the line.
    \hrule\@height0.5\p@ % The 0.5 represent the thickness on the line.

    \mathstrike{f(x) = x^2},\qquad \mathstrike{c_0}, \qquad \mathstrike{f(x) = x^2 + c_0}
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