I have a memoir document, with custom settings for margins, headers and footers, etc. I just found out it is being printed single-sided instead of double-sided, and I was wondering if there is a simple command to treat all pages as odd pages.

How can I tell memoir to format the even pages exactly as it would the odd pages?


How about adding the class option oneside?

P.S.: This should work for all classes featuring the \chapter command plus the twoside default option. In particular, it works for the standard class book and the KOMA-Script class scrbook.


If I'm understanding you correctly you need to use something like this:

%%% set up the recto page layout
\checkandfixthelayout %or perhaps \checkandfixthelayout[lines]
\setlength{\evensidemargin}{\oddsidemargin}% after \checkandfix......

Source: Pg. 25 of the Memoir documentclass manual (Side margin section).

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