I was reading the highest rated answer of the question "Attractive Boxed Equations",

I don't understand the main code of the answer.

There are two problems for me:

  • what do the commands with prefix "\my" do? For example, "\mytempbox", "\mytemplen", etc
  • What's the meaning of the symbol "@"? How to use the command "\newcommand"?

I cannot find them on LaTeX reference card...


If you look at the code you will see, for example,


so \templen is a length.

Normally the @ character is not a letter and cannot be used as part of a macro name but it can be made to be one within a \makeatletter ...\makeatother` grouping. This is normally done to have "private" macro names used only within the preamble.

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  • Very appreciate your answer. I do know \templen stands for length, but the length of which object? Besides...I don't understand the definition of \@@mybluebox, could anyone explain it specifically? – Tzi yan Tschen Apr 16 at 2:47
  • @TziyanTschen \templen is just a length. It could be set to be the length of an object or the height of an object or the distance between two objects, or ... – Peter Wilson Apr 17 at 17:11

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