I'm new to LyX. How can I achieve the list style reflected in the second picture?

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • The vertical red line show that "A. ..." is a nested list in another list. Probably is the lyxlist environment (list button = Alt+P L) in a description list (description button = Alt+P D) but without code nor the document class is hard to say. – Fran Apr 19 at 9:19

Edit: The Description in the standard article class typesets as you desire, but the typesetting changes according to document class. So: Change your document class to the standard article, or redefine how the description environment is typeset.

Original: If you are working in the standard article document class, then the Enumerate environment typesets as you want.

So: Change the environment of your list from Description (?) to Enumerate.

If you want the items labeled with something custom, then go Insert > Custom Item when on the line you want to change the label of and then write your desired label in the resulting box. In the screenshot, I didn't bold the text, but bolding it works, too.

enter image description here

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