I've downloaded and unzipped the ms folder which supposedly has the everyshi.sty file; however, to my dismay, the folder has every other file but that one! As a result, I'm failing to run TikZ, since the TeX editor keeps returning an error message that the everyshi.sty file is missing.

Can someone please give me a link which could direct me to this file?


You don't need to find it, it is already in the CTAN repository. It's packaged under ms --


if you are using TeX Live manager, just type tlmgr install ms on the terminal. Everything related to everyshi.sty will be installed, or you can also manually install the zipped 'ms' package that you have already downloaded.


You should not have to install packages like everyshi by yourself; your TeX installation most likely has a way to install packages. Sadly you don't tell us anything about your situation (which TeX distribution on what OS?).

Also this is a FAQ: LaTeX packages are typically unpacked by running a .ins file through LaTeX: this will create files suitable for LaTeX (like .sty) from a .dtx.

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