I have some cases where I will have an item in between two paragraphs. For example:

Alfa bravo:


charlie delta:

echo foxtrot

golf hotel

the image gets no vertical space at all, the the code block does get some space, but I might want more. I can add some of these:


but is a better option available? Something like one of these:


echo foxtrot

To solve this, I used the tcolorbox package. The beforeafter skip option sets the top and bottom margin. The listing only option to the tcblisting element gives a similar result to verbatim.

This does add a background and border to these elements, but I actually like that. If someone dislikes that, I think it can be disabled in the settings.

\tcbset{beforeafter skip=8mm}
\tcbset{listing only}








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  • I usually use much simpler environments: {center} or {flushleft} (depending on desired positioning) to give the standard separation for the document. – Donald Arseneau May 18 at 0:14
  • @DonaldArseneau what do those have to do with vertial margins? – Steven Penny May 18 at 0:52
  • They have vertical separation at top and bottom, \topsep + \parsep (yes at the bottom too). – Donald Arseneau May 18 at 4:08

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