I have been using Overleaf combined with a Mendeley web importer to create a References.bib file. I didn't pay much attention because I thought it did what I wanted. Now I need to make some corrections to my Bibliography. I can sort out all the missing Journal names and such like but I decided that I'd like to change the lay out of the names.

I have a piece in my Reference.bib file which looks like this.

Part of Reference.bib

\parencite(McDonald2015Mass-lossClusters) generates

(McDonald and Zijlstra, 2015)

in my text but my Bibliography output comes out like this:

[Part of Bibliography output[2]

I think that the main thing is that my Bibliography is consistent, but I see from other papers that the most common Bibliography author name convention would give

McDonald I., Zijlstra A.A., 2015...

Up until now I just relied on the Mendeley wizard to sort my Reference.bib file out for me but I am thinking about downloading it and changing the author field to in notepad, and then re-uploading it, but I don't know what format the author field should like.

I want \parencite() to generate

(surname and surname, year)

in the text and

surname initial., surname initial. initial., year

in the bibliography.

Is it just a case of changing the layout of the author field, if so to what?

Thank you!

Edit: If I amended the author field to this, would \parencite{} generate

(McDonald and Zijlstra, year)

in the text and

Mcdonald I., Zijlstra A.A., Year

in the bibliography?

author = {McDonald, I and Zijlstra, A. A.},


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The answer was to use Biblatex bibliography styles

See link for details:


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