I'm not able to get the spell checker on British english. I have:

Document>Settings>Language: Language = English (UK)

Tools>Preferences>Language Settings>Spellchecker: Spellchecker engine = Enchant

When switching to hunspell (LyX Install Not Recognizing Installed Spellcheck Dictionaries) along with /usr/share/hunspell, then it says spell checker has no dictionaries.

Do I have to install anything on opensuse? Do I need root-rights?


So I found in /usr/share/myspell was only:

de_DE.aff  en_US.aff  hyph_de_DE.dic  th_de_DE_v2.dat  th_en_US_v2.dat
de_DE.dic  en_US.dic  hyph_en_US.dic  th_de_DE_v2.idx  th_en_US_v2.idx

Since I have no root rights, I created ~/.local/share/myspell and retrieved the dict manually from somewhere:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ropensci/hunspell/master/inst/dict/en_GB.aff 
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ropensci/hunspell/master/inst/dict/en_GB.dic

I set spellchecker to hunspell and the path of >Tools>Preference/Path>Hunspell directories to ~/.local/share/myspell.

I have not figured out, from where enchant retrieves the dicts.

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  • You seem to be running Linux. Dictionaries are normally installed by the package manager, and I recommend that if possible. On Ubuntu, for example, the file en_GB.dic is in the package hunspell-en-gb. You can do a file search for any distro. – Davislor Apr 21 at 2:41

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