I am increasingly working with XeLaTeX and stated using unicode characters instead of Latex command. For instance, I use instead of \to in my documents.

Now, I'd like my IDE to automatically convert \to to , a bit in the sense of this chrome plug-in.

I've searched in the LaTeX Editors/IDEs question, but could not find which IDE support this feature, if any.

Is there an IDE or a program that can perform this conversion "on the fly" for me?

ps: For the sake of clarity: I know I can look up the symbols here or there, and am aware of some of the challenges, pros and cons of using unicode directly. I also know that on-line services for this translation exist, and that scripts to go the other way around have been discussed here. What I'm looking for is to automate this task in my IDE, not to question it.

  • Everything old is new again! TeX, or plain TeX, takes the \to character in position {hex}19, as given on the mythological extended keyboard. See The TeXbook, starting at the bottom of page 368. In plain TeX, $a ^^19 b$ still works as $a \to b$. It does not in LaTeX, but I think it might have a very long time ago. – Donald Arseneau Apr 22 '20 at 3:39

This vim plugin https://github.com/joom/latex-unicoder.vim provides a key binding C-l to transform latex commands to their utf-8 equivalent.


This emacs pluging https://gist.github.com/kbauer/e8fee6514d124d5961f51fd7ba571bfd is an

Autohotkey-script for converting LaTeX-like input to unicode characters. "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U" toggles it on and off.

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