Can I just use "sometext" or do I have to use the commands for a quotation mark? If I don't, why would I ever use them? The interpreter I am using (Scientific Word) and it interprets it as regular quote marks, but I have other LaTeX that already exists with the commands \textquotedblleft and \textquotedblright. Do I need the commands or can I use ""?


I looked a little closer and it looks like " is not the same as what the LaTeX command gives.

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    You should not use ". I always use the csquotes package and \enquote{my quoted text}. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 22 at 15:54
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    never use " the traditional markup is ``word'' (two back ticks and two single quotes) but the csquotes package is more flexible. – David Carlisle Apr 22 at 16:55

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