In my book, I am using two different proof environments. The original proof environment in the AMS packages has been modified to the following:

    %   \vspace{-\topsep}% remove the space after the theorem
    \topsep0pt \partopsep0pt % no space before
    \addvspace{3ex} % some space after

This is my primary proof environment and I do not want to change anything about this. The secondary proof environment is defined simply via


Here everything is fine, except I just want to add \square as the qedsymbol at the end (just like any proof). The answer in this thread is making both the proof-headings similar which I do not want.

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    Please attach the image of qed that you want. – C.F.G Apr 22 at 19:58
  • In the primary proof environment, I have (and want) \blacksquare as the \qedsymbol. In the secondary prf environment, I need \square as the \qedsymbol. – Subhajit Paul Apr 22 at 20:01
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    The theorem and proof environments are quite different, and theorems aren't set up to have an ending symbol. This answer to a previous question provides that ability: How to make all theorem-like environments have an ending symbol? – barbara beeton Apr 22 at 21:21

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