Here is my code

\title{IELTS Course Companion}
\author{Ethen Hu}

\subsection{question\footnote{OG 3.1}}
    \item 1st/3rd
    \item \$10.50/\$10.15
    \item 6th/5th
    \item 17/70
    \item 19/90
    \item 15/50
    \item 52/62
    \item \pounds110/\pounds810
    \item 31st/33rd
    \item 22nd/27th

%\subsection{question 2 \footnote{OG 3.3}


This is successfully compiled on overleaf, but with a warning:argument of@sect has an extra}. runaway argument?

This is the enter image description hereerror page incase it is of anyhelp. I guess it has something to do with trying to put a footnote on


Adding the optional argument to subsection, like this,

\subsection[question]{question\footnote{OG 3.1}}

lets you add the \footnote without fuss, and your example runs nicely.

  • Thanks for your reply. Would you please expand on what was wrong with my code what does the [question] argument do. Thanks so much. – jxhyc Apr 28 '20 at 12:42
  • I don't really know about what is happening behind the scenes, but you will find a range of more or less deep explanations in the usual literature, e.g. Nasa pages. If you can get hold of a copy of the The LaTeX Companion (2nd edn.), it's great for this kind of explanation, but you should be able to find a lot online. – Juan del Acebo Apr 28 '20 at 22:10
 \title{IELTS Course Companion}
 \author{Ethen Hu}



      {\footnote{OG 3.1}}

    $ 1^{st}$ & $3^{rd}$\\
    \$ 10.50 &\$ 10.15\\
    $ 6^{th}$ & $5^{th}$\\
    17 & 70\\
    19& 90\\
   15 & 50\\
    52 & 62\\
    Lb 110 &  Lb 810\\
    $31^{st}$ & $33^{rd}$\\
   $22^{nd}$ & $27^{th}$\\


I thought this is what you. Multicolumn are meant for tabular environment and item for enumuration. Please check whether this is what you wanted.

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