I am trying to put in superscript only what is in brackets:

(2) Let $\overline{h \circ s}(v) = h(\overline s(c)) = h(c^ {\mathfrak_{U}} )$ when $c$ is a constant. \\

(3) $\overline{h \circ s}(f_{t_1}...f_{t_2}) = h(\overline s(f_{t_1}...f_{t_2})) = h (f^{\mathfrak_{U}} (\overline s(t_1), ..., \overline s(t_2))$ when $f$ is a function.

But I keep getting this weirdness. What's going wrong? enter image description here

  • The answer noting that there is a spurious _ after \mathfrak is correct. There should have been an error message in your log file. You should always check the log for error messages. Apr 28, 2020 at 3:48

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\mathfrak_{U} should be \mathfrak{U}.


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